Steppenbrand from 4th to 11th of July 2022

There are still a few tickets left!

All our three events will be held as 2G events.
Because no one can foresee what rules will apply in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the summer of that year, we believe that with the 2G concept we will achieve the maximum probability that the events can take place at all. On the other hand, we believe that in this way we can guarantee the greatest possible safety for our guests (and thus also for you) and our club members.

On the date of each of the three events, you will therefore have to present a digital vaccination certificate of a valid vaccination protection at the check-in at the guard. Vaccination cards will not be accepted and we will not accept rapid or PCR tests, nor will we be able to carry them out on site. According to current estimates, full vaccination protection is usually achieved after two vaccinations plus one booster vaccination. However, please inform yourself on the internet about the rules for full vaccination protection in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in July and August.

Despite everything, please don't let the fun and enjoyment of the events be taken away from you and keep your fingers crossed that we can get together again in 2023 without any Corona at all!

What will also be new for all three events is that we have already included dinner in the ticket prices this year. This makes it much easier for us to calculate the amount of food needed! For you this means that you no longer have to pay extra for dinner, it is already included in the ticket price!

However, this improved calculability for us also means that in 2022 we will only sell tickets for our events online in advance. There will be no more on-site sales and therefore no more one-day tickets!


Now to the individual events


Shitstorm from 11th to 14th of August 2022

Unfortunately, tickets for 2022 are sold out for this new event, aimed in particular at fans of brown and yellow games. If you are interested in this event, you can still visit to register and get all the details about this event. Sign up for the newsletter there so you don't miss the date for the Shitstorm 2023 and the start of ticket sales!


area332 from 14th to 17th of July 2022

This also new event is just the right thing for all TechGear fans! So if you're into high-visibility protection, workwear, rain gear, racing suits, motocross, firefighting gear, skaters, sports prolls, SWAT and much more, you'll get your money's worth here!  Essentially, area332 offers you the same play options that you know from our Steppenbrand. However you can look forward to a few new highlights at this event!

Take a look at ! You can register there as well as buying your ticket.

For area332 it will be possible to book a bunk bed in our accommodation building as well as a whole room. The idea is that you get together in advance to form a group, for example. When booking your ticket, one of you from this group will then book a complete room. You can then occupy this room with up to 6 people. If that's too cramped for you, it can of course be less, just as you like. The person who booked the room will receive 6 room keys at check-in against a deposit, so that you will also be able to lock the room.

By the way, we will no longer offer sleeping places in the accommodation building without a bed this year.



We are very much looking forward to seeing many of you again this year! And we thank you in advance for your loyalty to Steppenbrand and for your curiosity to try out the new events.

So until summer, here's to a beer or two at the bar or around the campfire and lots of exciting experiences!


Stay healthy!

The Steppenbrand team



Das Steppenbrand Team
Das Steppenbrand Team mit Mindestabstand

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