Tickets to our events will only be sold online in advance.
There will be no more sales on site and therefore no more day tickets!

If you surprisingly want to arrive earlier than booked, this is possible
without any problems.
You pay the difference at the entrance. But it is only cash payment possible,
no credit card or PayPal!

We kindly ask you to fill in all fields with care in the shop, and also the personalization
not to forget after the purchase.

We promise to treat your data confidentially and not to pass it on to third parties.

You can pay for the tickets by bank transfer (which we prefer for cost reasons) or by PayPal.
The ticket prices always include dinner and breakfast from the buffet.
In addition, we charge a minimum consumption of 20,- per attendance day.
The minimum consumption can be used for 
drinks and additional meals.

The complete ticket processing will be done this year by the company TicketPay,
you will not incur any additional costs.

Important: a registration is only possible for one person.

A refund of the registration fee is not possible! However, there is the possibility
to pass on or resell the tickets via the store system for a fee. This is handled
directly via TicketPay, hence the fees.

The physical well-being will be sufficiently provided for according to our possibilities
(self-catering is not necessary and also not desired).

Prices for food and beverages will be based on actual expenses.

Dear friends, please note the following: Since we are organizing all this completely on
a voluntary basis and besides our regular activities, it can happen that one or the other
answer from us may be a little long in coming.

For more information about the tickets please read under prices.


Attention: Minors under the age of 18 are not permitted!