Dear Friends

We are very pleased that we were able to find the property at Saal, Damser Weg 1, for our fetish meeting. The collaboration of Steppenbrand-MV e.V. with the owners of the property and the Saal municipality went off very well. And that’s how it should remain in the years to come. In order to ensure that you can feel at ease with our association’s other guests, that the time with us goes by problem- and stress-free, and that you can return home healthy and full of impressions, we have given ourselves the following house rules. We ask you to confirm you have read these rules upon registration and to observe them.

  1. Steppenbrand-MV e.V. has leased the site to carry out its annual fetish meeting. Upon payment of your ticket fee, you acquire temporary membership of our association. Thus, in addition to the general German laws, German law on associations and our articles specifically apply. This means that we need to record your personal data for your temporary membership. Our fetish meeting is not a public event and admission is only permitted upon reaching the age of 18.
  2. The site may only be used for the purpose agreed by us with the owner. Entering and leaving the site takes place via the main gate. If you enter or leave the site outside the times controlled by us, the gate must be shut and locked again.
  3. All locked buildings not being used by us (gatehouse, cookhouse, 2nd living quarters, garages, bunkers) may not be entered. Accessing the bunker roofs and cisterns is likewise not permitted. Danger points are marked and we ask you to note these. Fenced- or marked-off areas on the site may likewise not be entered or ridden on.
  4. Except from the central camp fire organised by Steppenbrand-MV e.V., no other open fires are permitted. Setting up your own fire leads to immediate exclusion from our meeting and we reserve the right to press charges! Using one’s own grills (including disposable grills) is likewise not permitted!
  5. After the experiences of years ago, we have decided to take a clearer position on the subject of self-catering. Self-catering is undesired in the period from 09.07.2021 – 11.07.2021 (Friday to Sunday)! Our point of view is that our prices are very reasonable compared to other events, and that it is also not usual or possible elsewhere to bring one’s own food and drink. We reserve the right to issue a warning for non-compliance and to exclude people from the meeting upon repeated infringement.
  6. Upon arrival, you receive a trash bag from us. We ask you to dispose these when you leave the camp in the central waste container. There are also trash bags provided in the breakfast tent, by the camp fire and in the barracks used by us, and we ask that you use these as well. Clear your campsite on your day of departure!
  7. Each participant gets at the entrance a participant ribbon, which is captively attached to the wrist. This participant ribbon must be worn throughout the event and must be shown on request.
  8. The designated room occupancy is binding, as the guests named there have paid extra for this service. You’ll find the occupancy capacity on the doors as a guideline. We ask you to observe this fairly. Valuables can be handed over for safekeeping to the Steppenbrand team in exchange for a receipt.
  9. We are not in a position to offer an individual supply of e-energy and/or other media. (Exceptions are only possible by prior arrangement with the board and only in certain places!) The e-installations may not be modified. e-connections are available for small electrical equipment (razors, toothbrushes, chargers) in the sanitary facilities. We ask you not to waste energy.
  10. With a lot of effort and hard work, we have made the sanitary facilities functional again. Modifications to the installations are likewise not permitted. Here too, it’s a case of using the water provided sparingly.
  11. We ask you to use our barracks only in the sanitary and rest areas and for the purposes designated. It is simply a sign of mutual considerateness to allow friends sleeping there peace and quiet. The windows need to be used very cautiously (check they are latched!).
  12. The road traffic act (StVO) applies on site. Vehicles may only move dead slow and unnecessary driving should be avoided. We ask you to exercise special care when crossing our energy and media bridges. The road to the site is Damser Weg. Crossing the section towards the Bodden closed off by the barrier is forbidden! The official routes are to be used to reach the Bodden. A footpath to the Bodden through the wood is marked. Please do not cross the field illegally!
  13. Dogs are allowed at our fetish meeting. It is however up to the owner to ensure that the dog is constantly supervised and that other participants are not disturbed by the animal. In case of doubt, the dog should be on a leash!
  14. If problems and dangers arise, we ask you inform the Steppenbrand team of this. The nearest emergency medical services are at the Boddenklinik hospital in Ribnitz-Damgarten. The Steppenbrand team is to be informed of accidents and/or acute illnesses. It is important to reassure and calm the accident victim/sick person; provide first aid and inform the emergency services.
  15. Our association has taken a clear position on the issue of safer sex. We do not support any practices fraught with risk. As we however neither wish nor are able to check that these rules are observed, we expect all our guests and friends to deal responsibly with this sensitive issue! Practices that present a clear risk to health, in which human dignity is injured and which have a racist-fascist background, are not desired!
  16. The bearing of weapons (including Softair and/or Paintball) and anti-constitutional symbols is forbidden and leads in any event to exclusion from our fetish meeting. Our Steppenbrand fetish meeting is a politically neutral event. We ask that you distance yourself from politically extreme remarks!

Our fetish meeting is and of course remains a camp. We are not striving to achieve perfection and you will indeed have to live with temporary measures and very Spartan aspects! Mishaps are by no means impossible – just stay calm and relaxed when they occur.

Thanks. Smile

Have a great time on Steppenbrand with us!
Rostock / Saal 2021