Our intention is to create and organize an open fetish meeting. That is, we will give careful attention to putting through the dress code. Friends not willing to accept and to keep to this rule, will be dismissed.

All kinds of fetish and gear are allowed and welcome.
A leather jacket, or sneakers/a pair of trainers only, will not do!

Surely, it is highly unlikely, that you can wave at the check out at Rostock-Laage Airport to the steward, wearing a rubber catsuit.
As well you can imagine, that the appearance of a dozen skinheads or guys wearing woodland combat suits, while leaving the train at Rostock Central Station, could cause irritations or even some trouble with the authorities.

But! In the camp, there will be space for our fetish world!

Everything is possible: a butcher's apron, waders, rubber suits, gas masks and so on.

Any kind of uniform from all over the world: dress uniform, battle/combat dress and jumpsuits/overalls decorated with gear and equipment like spades up to helmets. NO GUNS!!!

Said to be the oldest fetish among gays: the Master in riding boots, breeches and peaked hat is as welcome as the leather slave wearing only his harness and boots.

Heavy boots, overalls, carpenter's/timberman's outfit, protecting vests and shirts, hard hats – yellow goes well because it is easily recognizable. By the way, muscular construction workers like to show their naked chest in summer.

Travesty? Sure! Looks good, when the guy passes the napkin to the "Lady". Moreover, in a photo, a nun between a skin and a leather guy makes a good contrast.

Leather suits and overalls can be put on easily and quickly. And they always look great. So, why shouldn't an enduro-biker – after 20 tormenting laps – also find warmth at the campfire?

From 3 to 30 holes, blue jeans or "bleachers", different kinds of shirts and sweaters, Alpha jacket and, of course, cropped or shaved head (nobody will measure again). And, since there is the Force Attack Festival in Klingendorf near Rostock, we know what a punk must look like.
Attention: No forbidden symbols, stickers, badges and stuff!

Those, who love to carry their skis to the north, wearing their nice and warm skiing suits, will not be refused. And all the others (e.g. cyclists, swimmers, footballers) are welcome.

Maybe a good opportunity to see how to fix Baggy-pants. Don't forget your sweatshirt, baseball cap and skateboard.