Referring to its articles of association, our club's ("Steppenbrand-MV" e.V. Rostock) goal is to inform especially gay men on sexually transmitted diseases and their prevention. Therefore it also works very closely together with other organizations of the same and similar aims.

We concentrate our priority on the preparation and realization of our annual outdoor fetish meeting for the purpose of talking especially with gay fetish lovers about the topics mentioned. It is important for us, that this happens in a relaxed and open atmosphere among gay men of all ages and professions in an unusual place.

Each and every year, a lot of hard working and self-sacrificing helpers support us to organize just this event. Plenty of time is necessary to prepare and realize it. Each of them works voluntarily and free of charge. So with this we want to give a big THANK YOU to all of our helpers.

And: hard working helpers are always welcome. So contact us.

The income from the tickets, from selling food and beverages are taken to meet the costs, to finance the club's work and to support other prevention projects. A possible surplus is used to prefinance the event to come. The commercialization of the Rostocker Steppenbrand is not what we aim for!

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