Who are the organisers?

The team and its helpers have created an organisational basis to prepare and carry out the Steppenbrand through the association STEPPENBRAND-MV e.V. Our team and all the helpers work on a completely voluntary basis in their free time and/or holidays for the fetish meeting. There are no expense allowances. The only privileges enjoyed by our industrious helpers, depending on their periods of service are free board and lodge.

Does Steppenbrand-MV e.V. make a profit?

No – as our articles as a non-profit association rule out the profit motive. Our prices are calculated to cover all the costs and achieve a surplus for necessary new investments in the years to come. Regular guests can confirm that we have managed to come up with nice little surprises every year. Steppenbrand-MV e.V. also supports gay and lesbian projects in the Hanseatic city of Rostock.

When can one come and how long can one stay?

Arriving or leaving earlier from the Monday (06.07.20) is possible and indeed very welcome. But registration is imperative! We have rented the property for the whole week. Just take a look at the registration routine and select your time. A departure is mandatory on Sunday, 12.07.20 required, so that the team then dismantle everything and can also start the journey home.

Is preregistration necessary?

YES and NO, of course you can also turn up spontaneously and pay at the “box office”. But because we don’t wish to let the meeting grow exponentially, there might in 2018 for the first time be a limit on the number of guests. Preregistration with prepayment within a specific term (receipt of payment within 2 weeks) is more convenient for us as organisers and necessary, as it gives us more planning and preparation security. A ticket at the box office on arrival costs 25.00 € extra for the weekend.

Is the number of participants limited?

Yes, there is a limit on the number of guests. The main reasons for keeping a cap on the numbers this year are the desire of our guests for a familiar, cosy atmosphere to the meeting and our team’s limited organisational options.

Is there accommodation in case of one doesn’t own a tent?

Anyone who cannot sleep in a tent, car or camper, because he doesn’t have one, or has come by bike, can also sleep in the barracks together with other participants. But there will be an extra charge. You can choose between a camp bed or just bringing an air mattress and sleeping bag with you and then sleeping in the building. Please note that we reserve the rooms / beds according to the order of registration and the payment receipt on our club account. Please note that the rooms can be occupied by 6 friends and more; one or the other 'saws off whole woods at night' :-). Of course we have no influence on that.

How do I get to Steppenbrand?

The easiest way to find us is to use your GPS. Just enter 18137 Saal, Damser Weg 1. With some GPS units, you can even enter 18137 Saal, Steppenbrand Weg and you will be directed right to our location. For those of you without a GPS: Take the Motorway A19 towards Rostock and take the Rostock-Ost exit (Exit Number 6). Take the B105 in the direction of Stralsund/Ribnitz-Damgarten. Stay on the B105, take the city bypass around Ribnitz and after about 1.5 km in Damgarten, turn left in the direction of Zentrum/Saal. In about 10 kms, you will reach Saal, and after leaving the city limits, turn left onto Damser Weg. Normally, there is a directional sign pointing the way to Steppenbrand at this intersection.


Attention! Unfortunately, the state of Damser Weg is not the best. Please drive carefully and pay attention to transverse channels!


For those of you coming by train:

Travel to the Ribnitz-Damgarten-West station. There, you will be able to board our shuttle service (please advise us in a reasonable amount of time ahead of your arrival with your scheduled arrival date and time). To contact us with your arrival information, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This is the fastest and easiest way to let us know of your details. You can also call us at +49 (0) 6485 880933. The shuttle costs 5.00 € for a person way. (see Prices).  Naturally, the shuttle will be available to get you back to the train station. Dont worry if you hadnt already planned your return trip. That can be arranged while you are here, please clear the time of your travel at the entrance.

How much does the whole thing cost?

You’ll find price details here on this page on registration / prices

Payment of food and drinks etc.

So that everyone can leave their cash in the accommodation, all drinks and meals (except breakfast) are paid with STEPPIS. You can buy STEPPI bags at the entrance in cash value 20,00 € / 10,00 € on arrival, so you do not have take cash with you. During the meeting you can buy additional bags at the entrance (only for cash) or at the cash desk at the bar. There you can get STEPPI bags or single chips without cash. The amount is then written to your Steppenbrand account and at the following morning at breakfast you pay your sales at the cash desk in the breakfast tent.

Breakfast is included in the price of your ticket (according to the ticket and the number of nights). Prices for drinks, snacks, the grilled meat in the evening and lots more are very reasonable. You pay for this with STEPPIS. We ask you to refrain from self-catering during the meeting! Please remember: Even the small profit, generated by the sales is good for the Steppenbrand. Only in this way can we guarantee you an eventful fetish weekend in the coming years! There is no need in the period from 10.07. self-catering until 12.07.2020! That is why we have clearly positioned ourselves in our house rules. On the one hand, it is not usual to be able to bring one’s own drinks/food to other events and, on the other, not taking advantage of our offers testifies to a certain degree of disrespect towards the work of our team. Friends who do not want to miss cheap lukewarm beer out of plastic bottles and discount sausages on disposable grills should think about whether they want to go on the long journey to the north. It was and remains our pretension to offer to the best of our ability an all-round feel-good package, and that includes feeding our guests. And considering our prices are extremely reasonable compared to other gay events, it is simply unfair not to use our services and thus place the organisers in financial difficulties. 

You need a special board (vegetarian or so)? Please contact us using the form upon your homepage right after your registration.

What about the sanitary facilities?

For pissing we have toilets and all the trees and bushes in the area. Possibly there are some friends which want to drink. For shiting you can use the regular WC. In the house we have regular showers with hot water. When you play in mud, please use the otside mud shower.


When camping in the nature, an encounter with animals that have more than 2 legs and possibly wings is possible. However, there is no danger of ticks. Please inform yourself beforehand. However, you should cover yourself with enough AUTAN or similar mosquito repellent to avoid the appearance of a litter cake.

Consideration with fetishes

At the Steppenbrand, everyone can act out his fetish freely! But because there are things that not everyone can deal with, one should think about how far one should perform certain acts in the presence of others. Not everyone can handle every fetish, particularly when it’s rather nonstandard. One should also consider that there are certain risks attached to certain activities. And that, if something goes wrong, the police and the public prosecutor might turn up on the doorstep (which we of course hope doesn’t happen). During your play, remember that everyone wants to have fun, be tolerant and fair to each other. Don’t hassle anyone, don’t do anything the other doesn’t want, don’t annoy or shock him. Also consider that fact that, in the event something goes wrong, ultimately it will be not just you but also the organisers who get into trouble and that this could harm the Steppenbrand as such. And the last thing we want is that this could be the last Steppenbrand through individual stupidity.

Who can become a helper with us?

We welcome every hardworking helper. If organising and running the Steppenbrand wasn’t such fun, we would probably have given up long ago. But it is really hard work for anyone who gets involved. So respect to anyone wanting to play his part with us in his free time on an entirely voluntary basis. But we also welcome any small contribution, even in subareas. Just get in touch with the staff.

Attention: Under-18s are not permitted to attend!